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Ferrochem Introduction

We are known to you as manufacturers of products related to NDT by LPI and MPI method. Information and details about products we manufacture is as given below. The information is for Consumables, Accessories and Equipment required now or in future. We request you to keep the printout in your stock, for your ready reference.

We, FerroChem, are a manufacturing company. We manufacture Consumables, Equipment and Accessories required for NDT i.e. Non-Destructive Testing. NDT i.e. Non-Destructive Testing is for testing of components, without destroying the components, and for conforming their ability for the use. There are various methods of NDT.

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    FerroChem is manufacturer of the following NDT Test products:
    1. LPI Testing products that are for Liquid Penetrant Inspection.
    2. MPI Testing products that are for Magnetic Particle Inspection.

    FerroChem manufactures not only the Consumables for NDT, but also manufactures Equipment and Accessories for NDT Testing. FerroChem provides services related to MPI/LPI Equipment, such as Repairs,Calibration of Equipment and Accessories.

    1. FerroChem offers Training as per ASTM Specification in MT and PT for level I and II.
    2. FerroChem is company in MIDC area at Jejuri, Pune Maharashtra.
    3. FerroChem is in NDT field for last 45 years.
    4. FerroChem is an ISO certified company for last 20 Years.
    5. FerroChem is an NPCIL approved company for Penetrant Consumables (LPI) for last 12 Years.
    6. FerroChem has more than 2000 customers spread all over the country.
    7. FerroChem has more than 15 Agents/Representatives spread all over the country.
    8. FerroChem manufactures all Consumables, Accessories and Equipment for MPI and LPI.
    9. FerroChem manufactures all types of Consumables such as, Fluorescent and Non Fluorescent, Oil Based and Water Based etc. for MPI and LPI.
    10. FerroChem manufactures more than 200 numbers/types of products related to NDT.

    FerroChem has a specialty in respect of manufacturing products as per the convenience of the customer, which is a result of our vast experience for last 45 years in NDT field.

    Please contact FerroChem for any enquiry or requirement related to NDT products.

    We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

    Melbourne, Australia
    (Sat - Thursday)
    (10am - 05 pm)

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