Aluminum Comparator Block

Aluminum Comparator Block

Test Piece to evaluate efficiency of Penerant in LPI Imported Product from Japan One Pair is available in a Box.

Aluminium Comparator Block
Specification Availability
  • Name - Aluminum Comparator Block
  • Product Code – 362
  • Al-Com bocks are manufactured by M/S Eishin Kagaku Co., Japan.
  • FerroChem represents Eishin Kagaku for sale in India. The Blocks are available with FerroChem.

General information about usefulness

  • Aluminum Comparator Block is an artificial crack test specimen.
  • Al -Com blocks are used for Crack Detection using Red Penetrant as well as Fluorescent Penetrants.
  • It is advised to use Al-com Blocks separately for Red Penetrant and Fluorescent Penetrant. The blocks should be stored separately and should never be interchanged. Due to interchanging, crack formation may not match the photographs that represent the ideal testing results.

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