General Purpose Cleaner

General Purpose Cleaner 1408/2

Fast evaporating, non-aqueous liquid for general purpose cleaning of Components for Dust, Grease, Oil and other stains. Leaves no residue after use. The General Purpose Cleaner is available in Aerosol Can only.

General purpose cleaner
  • Name - General Purpose Cleaner
  • Product Code – 1408/2
  • Packing Unit – 420 ml in Aerosol Can.
  • Standard Packing – 24 Aerosol Can in a Box
Usefulness Product & Usage
  • Cleaning of component surfaces is essential prior to subjecting the components for tests or making it look sellable and clean.
  • This type of application helps in removal of surface dirt, paint, grease, oil etc.
  • Spraying the cleaner through Aerosol can is helpful for its cleaning operation.
  • The General Purpose Cleaner dissolves most of the oils and paints and cleaning can be achieved easily.
  • The cleaning liquid evaporates immediately, hence no liquid layer can remain on component surface after cleaning, i.e. the surface will dry automatically after cleaning.

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