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Residual Field Indicator

residual field indicatorOur organization is actively engaged as a leading Residual Field Indicator Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Pune, Maharashtra. We bring forth in the markets Residual Field Indicator that is highly useful for checking the demagnetization level of the particular component being demagnetized. Residual Field Indicator provided by us is available with a test certificate and packaged in a wooden box.


  • Low magnetic field to the tune of ±3 gauss can be sensed with RFI.
  • For making the RFI operation user- friendly two coloured bands are offered on the dial.
  • Pointer in the green band displays the demagnetization level i.e. residual field is lower than ±3 gauss.
  • Pointer in the red band displays that the residual magnetic field is above than ±3 gauss and component needs to be demagnetized again.

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