Non Aqueous Wet Developer 811/2

For Crack Detection by Liquid Penetrant Inspection Method.

Evaporating, Daylight White coloured Liquid, Non-Corrosive, in Aerosol Can, shake well before using, Use as Supplied with Visible Penetrant (Type II, Methods, A and C) and Fluorescent Penetrant Recommended to be used with FerroChem Products, Solvent Remover (FC-711) and Penetrant (FC-911, FC-931, FC-921, FC-941)

Non Aqueous Wet Developer 811-2
  • Name - Crack Check, Non Aqueous Wet Developer, FC 811/2
  • Color in Daylight – White
  • Product available in what form – White particles suspended in evaporating liquid.
  • Product Code – 811/2,
  • Packing Unit – 420 ml in Aerosol Can. / 1 Ltr PVC Bottle / 5 Ltr PVC Can
  • Standard Packing – 24 Can in a Box

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