Non Fluorescent, Black Oil Bath for MPI, Aerosol, 147A/2

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Non-Fluorescent Black powder

Non-Fluorescent Black powder ‘bath’, ‘Ready to use’, in Aerosol can, for Inspection in Daylight. For crack detection by Magnetic Particle Inspection Method.

Non Fluorescent, Black Oil Bath for MPI, Aerosol, 147A-2
  • Name - FerroChem Black 147A / 2,
  • Color in Daylight – Dark Black,
  • Product available in what form – ‘Ready Bath’ is available in Aerosol Can.

Can Volume is 420ml. The product inside is ‘ready to use bath’ of Product 147A.

  • Product Code – 147A / 2,
  • Packing Unit – Aerosol Can. Gross volume of can is 420 ml.
  • Standard Packing – 24 Aerosol Can in a Box

Reference Standard - ASTM E-709, ASTM E-1444, ASME B & PV Code Sec. V

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