Oil Based, Fluorescent Yellow Bath for MPI, Aerosol, 131A/2

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Oil Based, Fluorescent Yellow Bath for MPI

Ferrochem Luminous,Fluorescent, Yellow, Ready Oil Bath, 420ml in Aerosol Can, Use as supplied.

Oil Based, Fluorescent Yellow Bath for MPI, Aerosol, 131A2
  • Name - Ferrochem Luminous Supreme Ready Bath, 131A/2
  • Color in Daylight – Brownish color,
  • Color under UVA Light - Brilliant Yellow,
  • Product available in what form – ‘Ready Bath’ is available in Aerosol Can. Can Volume is 420ml. The product inside is ‘ready to use bath’ of Product 131A.
  • Product Code – 131A / 2,
  • Packing Unit – Aerosol Can. Gross volume of can is 420 ml.
  • Standard Packing – 24 Aerosol cans in one
  • Reference Standard - ASTM E-709, ASTM E-1444, ASME B & PV Code Sec. V,

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