UVA LED Assembly

UVA LED Assembly

UVA LED Light source for testing defects on Ferrous and Non-ferrous products. While testing by Magnetic Particle Inspection Method and Liquid Penetrant Inspection Method.

Assembly has ‘Diffuse’ lamp, results into spreading intensity over Large Area. UVA LED Assembly for NDT Inspection. UVA Light Wavelength 365nm.

UVA LED Assembly

UVA Light Intensity :

  • More than 15,000 µW/sq.cm, at 150mm or 6 inches
  • Coverage Area, of light intensity 1000 µW/sq.cm, is
  • When the lamp is at a distance of 380mm or 15inches
  • Light Intensity at Centre is 3500 µW/sq.cm

Physical Dimensions :

  • Front portion square size, 85mm X 85mm,
  • Length195mm
  • Weight: 1 Kg Approx.

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