UVA LED Torch is light weight, handy source for UVA light, which is generally used for inspection in NDT techniques such as MT and PT and for checking leakage.

Specification Availability
  • Intensity of Torch when measured at 5 inches from the front of the filter to the face of sensor is more than 1000µW/cm2.
  • Torch Size: Diameter 30 x Length 95mm
  • Wavelength: 365-375nm
  • Comments: 1 watt uss 3*AAA rechargeable batteries included
  • Weight: 75 gm
  • Intensity of torch is more than 1000µW/cm2
  • Charger for dry cells is also available with FerroChem along with LED Torch.
  • Price of torch is very low and the quality is as good as UVA light.
  • A special discount is offered for procurement of more than one torch at a time.


  • The use of Torch is for inspection on the spot, even if the surrounding does not have sufficient darkness.

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