Water Based Non Fluorescent Black Powder for MPI, 140C/P-71

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Ferrochem Black 140C

FerroChem Black 140C, Non-Fluorescent, Daylight Black, Powder, Water Suspendible,Use in Equipment, Use-10gms per Liter.

Water Based Non Fluorescent Black Powder for MPI, 140C-P71
  • Name - FerroChem Black 140C,
  • Color in Daylight – Dark Black color powder particles,
  • Color under UVA Light – Powder is non-fluorescent.
  • Product available in what form – Dry Powder form
  • Product Code – 140C/P-71,
  • Packing Unit – 500 gm powder in a PVC
  • Standard Packing – 6 Kg. in a Box.
  • Liquid Recommended for preparation of Bath – Water.
  • Specification of water to be used for preparing the ‘Bath’ –Soft water, colorless, without excess salts dissolved and having 7 pH.
  • Quantity of material Recommended for Bath preparation - 10 Grams Powder for 1Ltr. Water.

Reference Standard - ASTM E-709, ASTM E-1444, ASME B & PV Code Sec. V

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